CCTV Services

CCTV Systems are no longer reserved for large corporate companies. The cost of CCTV technology has fallen massively over the last five years making CCTV systems affordable to small companies and even home owners. For the same price as a home alarm system you can now have a 4 camera CCTV system professionally installed and linked to your home or small businesses internet connection. The system will automatically record 30 days of footage from all 4 cameras, day and night.
You can even view the footage of your property live via a smart phone (iPhone, etc.), iPad or any internet connected laptop or PC.

Give us a call today and ask to speak to one of our security consultants who will happily guide you through the options and features as well as carry out a free, no obligation survey of your premisses to advise you on the most suitable system and installation.
Our supply channels for CCTV hardware are so good that we’re confident to offer a price guarantee on our quotations. Just ask for details…..